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18th - 22nd November 2019

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Meals available in the morning of the day specified unless otherwise stated

Venison Bourguignon – slow cooked venison with bacon and mushrooms in a rich red wine gravy (GF,DF)
single $9.50 small $16 large $25

MICRO MEAL FOR ONE – Venison Bourguignon, roast pumpkin mash and greens (GF,DF)
one size $14

Pumpkin Risotto topped with roast pumpkin, feta and pinenuts (GF,V)
single $9 large $24

Beef Stroganoff –
slow cooked beef with mushrooms, smoked paprika and a touch of cream (GF)
single $9.50 small $16 large $25

MICRO MEAL FOR ONE – Beef Stroganoff, mash and greens (GF)
one size $14

Moroccan Lamb – slow cooked lamb with Moroccan spices, carrots and prunes (GF,DF)
single $9.50 small $16 large $25

MICRO MEAL FOR ONE – Moroccan Lamb, cous cous and greens (DF)
one size $13

Sri Lankan Tofu Curry with chickpeas and baby spinach (GF,DF,Vegan)
single $8 small $14 large $22

MYLK 450 – Prawn Zoodles – courgette noodles, peas, cherry tomatoes, pesto and prawns (GF)
one size $14

MYLK 450 – Lamb Kofta with cauliflower rice and a yoghurt sauce (GF)
one size $12

Curried Rice Salad – a combination of 3 rices, carrots, celery, coriander, currants and sliced almonds in a curry mayonnaise (GF,DF,V)
small(300g) $7.50 large(500g)$12.50

Chocolate Mousse (GF)
single $5 small $10

Pomegranate Chicken – baked chicken thighs in a pomegranate sauce with prunes and pomegranate roasted potatoes (GF,DF)
single $9.50 small $16 large $25

Smoked Fish Pie – poached smoked hoki with cauliflower, leek and boiled egg topped with mashed potato
single $9.50 small $16 large $25

Vegan Lentil Pie – vegetables and lentils in a tomato sauce topped with a roast pumpkin and potato mash top (GF,DF,Vegan)
single $8 small $14 large $22

Beetroot Slaw – carrot and beetroot julienne with fresh mint, toasted seeds and a pomegranate dressing (GF,DF)
small $6 large $10

MICRO MEAL FOR ONE – Pork Belly, mash, cabbage, apple sauce and mustard sauce(GF)
one size $16

MICRO MEAL FOR ONE – Beef olive with a sage stuffing, mashed potato, mushroom sauce and greens
one size $14

MYLK 450 – Pork, sesame and ginger with brown rice, cabbage and kale (GF,DF)
one size $12

small $11 large $16

Chicken and Pesto Gnocchi with sundried tomatoes, pesto and cashew nuts
single $8 small $14 large $22

Beef Meatballs – tasty beef meatballs in a tomato and basil sauce topped with grated cheese
single $9.50 small $16 large $25

Potato, bacon and egg salad (GF)
small(300g) $7.50 large (500g) $12.50

Pumpkin and Bacon Soup (GF,DF)
small $7 large $10.50

Cauliflower Cheese – cauliflower and broccoli with a tasty cheese sauce (V)
single $5 small $9 large $13

Salted Caramel Custard Pot
single $5.00

Thai Yellow Chicken Curry – free range chicken thighs in a mild yellow curry sauce with carrots and green beans (GF,DF)
single $9.50 small $16 Large $25

Roast Pumpkin Lasagne – roast pumpkin mash, feta, spinach and a tomato and basil sauce layered with spinach lasagna sheets (V)
one size $22

Prawn, bacon and pea risotto (GF)
single $9.50 large $24

Pea and Ham Soup (GF,DF)
small $7 large $10.50

MICRO MEAL FOR ONE – Corned Beef, mash, cabbage, carrots and mustard sauce
one size $14

Greek Salad – cucumber, cherry tomatoes, olives, feta, mesculan lettuce and a black raspberry vinaigrette (GF,V)
small $6 large $10

Mince and Smoked Cheddar Pie – beef mince and smoked cheddar cheese encased in pastry
single $6 large $18

SIDE DISH - Potato Gratin, thin sliced potatoes cooked with cream, garlic and mustard (GF,V)
single $5 small $9 large $13

Vanilla Cheesecake with raspberry coulis
single $5 large $15


In our commercial Kitchen we use the following Allergens: Gluten, wheat, dairy, fish, shellfish, soy, sesame, lupin and nuts, while all care is taken we cannot guarantee 100% that cross contamination may not occur. 


At MYLK we appreciate that each appetite is different, our serving size is a suggestion only and will depend entirely on Individual appetites.

Single = One person
Small = 1-2 people
Large = 3+ people


Place your order by Facebook PM Or call today.

Place your ORDER ONLINE by MIDNIGHT Tuesday for Friday delivery


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MYLK has been designed to make life easy whether you are a busy working Mum or Dad, a solo traveller, new Mum or perhaps you are out of town wanting to take the hassle out of cooking for a loved one. MYLK Take Home Meals offer the perfect solution for everyone and are available in a range of sizes with a weekly changing menu. FOR FIRST TIME ORDERS CHECK OUT OUR FAQ PAGE TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS

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