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Holly Bacon

Holly Bacon Company, a family business begun in 1914 by Carl Vogtherr and continued today by his great-grandaughter Claire. Still using the same hand made brines, natural wood smoking and drying processes that combine to make Holly Bacon cook crisply, and taste the way you remember bacon used to.

Sugar cured Holly Ham for special occasions, or stunning summer salads. Also a range of specialty meats, prosciotto, smoked chicken, beef, lamb, gammon, real pork sausages, pork and ham shanks that have our clients returning for more.

You will find Holly Bacon in our Macaroni Cheese, Venison Bourguignon and Prawn Risotto, their fabulous pork sausages are the major ingredient in our Old fashioned Curried Sausages and our ever popular Pork Belly Micro Meal is made using Holly Pork rolled Pork Bellies.

For more information on Holly Bacon visit their website www.hollybacon.co.nz