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7 nights off cooking for One

7 nights off cooking for One
7 nights off cooking for One
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A fabulous MYLK dinner box with 7 Micro Meals. 

Our Micro Meals are a complete meal for one person that can be heated in the oven or microwave. Perfect for one person for lunch or dinner. They are also ideal if you are a shift worker that needs a healthy home cooked meal while your away from home.

From time to time you may receive a substitution from what is listed below if we have already sold out of a particular dish. And please, there are no changes to the MYLK dinner box, if you have special dietary requirements we recommend you use the Meal Delivery section of our website to hand pick your choices.

$90 for 7 Micro Meals that just $12.85 per plate. 

In the dinner box being delivered Friday 24th May is:

  • 1 x Micro Meal - Beef Chilli, steamed rice, sour cream and cheese
  • 1 x Micro Meal - Pork Belly, mash, cabbage, apple sauce and mustard gravy
  • 2 x Micro Meal - Lamb curry, steamed rice and greens
  • 1 x Micro Meal- Thai Yellow chicken
  • 1 x Micro Meal - Lamb Casserole, mash and peas
  • 1 x Micro Meal - Beef Stroganoff, mash and greens

PLEASE NOTE - for the box this week, we only have 4 micro meals on the menu so instead of too many double ups we have included a small serve meal, that can easily be used as a micro meal.

Click here to read more about each micro meal. If you have a sweet tooth and want to add something extra to your box, check out our desserts they can be added for no additional shipping.


Meal Sizing Guide

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Most meals sizes:

Single: 250g, one person (Approximately)

Small: 450g, 2 people (Approximately)

Large: 750g - 850g, 3+ (Approximately)

How to Order and FAQ

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You can order the meals you need in a size that suits your appetite and your family. The orders must be placed by Tuesday for delivery on Friday.

Delicious, fresh, easy meals. Ready for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Still have questions? Check out our handy FAQ here.

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MYLK has been designed to make life easy whether you are a busy working Mum or Dad, a solo traveller, new Mum or perhaps you are out of town wanting to take the hassle out of cooking for a loved one. MYLK Take Home Meals offer the perfect solution for everyone and are available in a range of sizes with a weekly changing menu. FOR FIRST TIME ORDERS CHECK OUT OUR FAQ PAGE TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS

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