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Akaroa Salmon

The best tasting pies, pasta, terrine and chowder dishes start with the very best quality Salmon. All of our Salmon is sourced directly from Akaroa Salmon in Christchurch. Akaroa Salmon was founded over 30 years ago in the Akaroa Harbour. The Salmon are farmed in low density pens with 1% fish to 99% water, They are hand fed a unique diet, specifically blended to maximise their health and suit the local environment The fish oil and meal used in the feed pellets comes from sustainably managed anchovy fishery and by-products from other sustainable fisheries. Read more about Akaroa Salmon

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MYLK has been designed to make life easy whether you are a busy working Mum or Dad, a solo traveller, new Mum or perhaps you are out of town wanting to take the hassle out of cooking for a loved one. MYLK Take Home Meals offer the perfect solution for everyone and are available in a range of sizes with a weekly changing menu. FOR FIRST TIME ORDERS CHECK OUT OUR FAQ PAGE TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS

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